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We received our next truckload of padded fabric from our supplier last week and we are fully stocked with all the familiar colors for your LeCover needs....Larry and the LeCover team

Embroidered Lettering v. Logo Conversion distinction

-Lettering is embroidered text using stock fonts from our embroidery system; this is automated and can be done very easily.

-Logo conversion takes a corporate or band logo and converts to a stitch file.  This is done manually and takes time and experience by the embroidery digitizer.


  • Q) Do you stock your LeCovers?....A)No.  All LeCovers are made to order.
  • Q) Can I pay with paypal?... A) No, we are not paypal ecommerce site, sorry.
  • Q) Can I phone in an order?...A) Only if you make payment by check or special circumstances.  To be PCI compliant, we don't take credit cards over the phone.  Please use our secure online website.
  • Q) How much is shipping?....A) Add your product to cart.  Shipping options will become available at checkout.
  • Q) Why is my international shipping price so high? A) Read about our shipping here. In short, our shipping calculator does not know if we are are shipping in an envelope or large carton; it figures shipping based on price of the order.  We always refund, partially, any payment if your shipping is less than what are website estimated. And that is a Promise.
  • Q) My gear is not listed.  Can I give you dimensions.....A) Yes.  Measure your gear and email us the numbers; we prefer you do not send us pictures of a tape measure on your gear; many times too hard to read.  The same goes with sending us a manufacture pdf; they are usually incomplete and sometimes not updated.  A simple diagram or written instructions will get the process going.
    Don't forget about angles, handles and backside wheels (if any).  I will price and list on our site, then send you the link for your review.
  • Q) How do I clean my LeCover?....A) Best to hand wash with a mild detergent.  We do not recommend machine washing, especially the padded covers, or Dry Cleaning.  We asked our local Dry Cleaner and he explained that chemicals that the industry uses are meant for stains.  It will not remove odors such as smoke or spelled beer or alcohol beverages.