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January 2015

NEW: We now have the complete stock library from Dakota Collectibles.  This includes over 20,000 embroidered designs.  Check it out.

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Concerning handle access openings.

The size of the opening is subject to whomever gave us dimensions in the first place.  If it is a top strap handle, some guys measure the whole handle assembly, including the brackets.  Some measure only the handle.  Some allow for extra room around the handle.
If it is a side handle, it is also subject to interpretation, ie. inset, recessed, strap or some other....
Some customers are particular about what gets covered; some are less concerned.  I can not possibly notate on each listing what we have on file, for handle access,  as we have over 4000 amp and pro audio listings.  Please take the time and give us your requirements in the "Additional Information" field, available at CHECKOUT.  Our workshop will follow your request, honest!


  • Q) Can I pay with paypal?... A) No, we are not paypal ecommerce site.
  • Q) Can I phone in an order?...A) Only if you pay by check.  We don't take credit cards over the phone, please use our secure online website.
  • Q) How much is shipping?....A) Add your product to cart.  Shipping options will become available at checkout.
  • Q) My gear is not listed.  Can I give you dimenesions.....A) Yes.  Please measure your gear and provide us the numbers; refrain from sending us pictures of a tape measure on your gear; too hard to read.  Refrain from sending us a manufacture pdf; they are ussually incomplete and, at times, wrong.
    Don't forget about angles, handles and backside wheels (if any).  I will price and list on our site, then send you the link for your review.




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